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About Me

Paulina Piasta.jpg

I am a Master in Architecture graduate from The University of Auckland  (finished in 2019) who chose architecture - in its broad context - long before that point in time.


Throughout my learning journey I’ve lived and studied in several countries studying different approaches to architecture and trying to gain understanding and awareness of how we build the world around us – regardless of where we’re from.  


My background in Denmark and Poland gave me technical skills and knowledge that are critical in this profession, while the university in New Zealand emphasized on the conceptual approach to architecture and really developed my design sense.

After finishing my degree, I got offered a job as a Set Designer on the Avatar Sequels production in Wellington where my journey in the film world began, and where my architecture skills have really been put to a test. I've been working in this fast-paced world of designing and building within days for the past 3 years now and I'm eager to find new challenges and grow as an architect and a  designer. 

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