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MultiResidential Complex

PROJECT: Multi-residential Complex in Tczew, Poland

The goal of this project was to create a simple but dynamic and versatile environment, using basic building technologies, that would change the way it functions in large, multi-family buildings.


The emphasis in this design lies on the COMMON SPACES. By creating communal and recreational 'space pockets' within the building, we influence the integration and development of bonds between residents, expanding the definition of a 'home' from just an individuals apartment to the entire block of flats. 


The architectural solution for this was to create a building with a simple, austere form - based on squares, but with a rage of engaging spaces of various functions located in-between the blocks - hidden from the outside world.

To keep the build simple but introduce a bit of variation within the form, two types of blocks were created - 8x8m and 10x10m.

Moreover, by distributing them unevenly around the plot, I attempted to break the monotony of a basic square build, in order to create an interesting and dynamic environment. 

The smaller (8x8m) blocks contain one bedroom apartments located over two floors. The floorplan of those apartments is also very simple - divided into 4 parts with each having it's own function; but thanks to distributing it onto two levels, and turning one of those parts into a cavity, creates sort of a mezzanine space and gives the apartment a more exclusive feel.

The bigger (10x10m) block consists of mostly double bedroom apartments that are single-storey with a large living & kitchen area and plenty of storage.

The glass staircases allowing access to the apartments make the form feel lighter and connect the building to the outside world. 

The entire structure of the building consists of 8 small blocks (8x8m) and 3 large blocks (10x10m), three of which have been risen above the ground floor - once again emphasizing the dynamism and pushing the boundaries of a block of flats are we know it.

This project was created as a part of 3rd year Architecture Studies at the Silesian Institute of Technology in Poland

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