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MultiResidential Complex

PROJECT: Multi-residential Complex in Tczew, Poland

My goal was to create an intriguing and innovative project that would change the way it functions in large, multi-family buildings. I wanted to create and emphasize common spaces - recreational, influencing the integration and development of bonds between residents. In this way, a building with a simple, austere form was created - based on squares, balanced by a dynamic form of in-between spaces located between the blocks. These 'labyrinths' , thanks to their various forms and functions, make the life of residents more attractive and influence the development of social life within the building.

This project was created as a part of 3rd year Architecture Studies at the Silesian Institute of Technology in Poland

Due to the large width of the track prepared for development, I decided to divide it into squares of two dimensions, distributed in an uneven way and creating an interesting and dynamic composition. There are two-person flats in blocks of 8 x 8 m, located on two floors. In these apartments, the plan was divided into four equal parts, each of which received its function. One of these parts, on the second floor of the apartment, is empty, which gives the impression of a mezzanine and makes the apartment more attractive.
The second type of flats are three-person flats located in blocks of 10x10m. They are single-storeyed with a large living room with kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet and an office room.
Access to the blocks is provided through glass staircases, inscribed between the blocks.
The spaces that arose between the blocks have been arranged as recreational platforms with various functions, diversifying the shape and significantly affecting the comfort and quality of life of the residents.
The entire structure of the building consists of 8 A-blocks (8x8m) and 3 B-blocks (10x10m). Three of these blocks have a freed ground floor supported on columns and their construction starts at level +1.

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