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PROJECT: Semi-detached house on a mountain slope

Twin Home.png

The TwinHome

The goal of the project was to create a modern, self-sufficient and adaptable housing unit in the secluded environment of the Polish Mountains.

The design has been developed with a simple architectural language - a block in a shape of a trapeze, that's shifted around to create an attractive composition and simultaneously a versatile environment for its users.

The two east blocks of the building are the main part of the build and have been designed for a family of four. All  the utilities' are located within the center, turning the top floor into an open plan living & kitchen area, with a fully glazed south wall creating a light-filled space with an astonishing view. By shifting the positioning of the lower storey, an outdoors terrace area is created, while visually remaining an integral part of the building. The adjoining west block of the house is connected to the main building by it's east wall, remaining a part of the architectural form but holding it's own independency and providing privacy for its inhabitants. It's designed as a studio with all utilities placed in the center of the building and the bedroom located in the south end emphasizing the spectacular view. Perfect for an extended family to live in or friends coming to visit that we want to leave speechless! 


This project was created as a part of my 1st year Architecture Studies at the Silesian Institute of Technology in Poland.

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