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Sosnowiec Park (small).jpg

Dendrological Park

PROJECT: Concept of adapting a run-down park in Sosnowiec, Poland

The concept for the park includes a series of platforms of various sizes and functions. The park becomes a massive playground for both kids and adults creating areas for both entertainment and quietness. The platform are incorporated around the trees making them an active part of the built environment blurring the boundary between architecture and nature.

This project was created as a part of 2nd year of Architecture Studies in the Silesian Institute of Technology in Poland

City Cross(white).png

City Cross

PROJECT: Urban Planning project of a settlement with tenement housing in Gliwice, Poland

The project's concept developed on the idea of emphasizing the two main walking paths of pedestrians on the then uninhibited plot. Rather than forcing the nearby resident to go around when the new settlement is build, I decided to embrace those paths and create an attractive public space for both residents and passersby with town houses on both side of the path.

Dividing the plot into a form of a 'cross' created 4 more private areas on the back of each line of tenement houses. Depending of location on proximity of other functions those areas can be developed to merge the settlement into it's environment and embrace the character of the neighborhood.

This project was created as a part of 3rd year of Architecture Studies at the Silesian Institute of Technology in Poland

City Music
City Music(white).png

Music in the City

PROJECT: Small architecture build on a public square encouraging gathering and interaction.

Music evokes emotions.

Emotions on the other hand, bring people together. 

My goal was to create an architectural form that hold the same power. 

The design involves a simple cylinder that has sensors on it's outer surface and when touched - light up gently and plays music. One hand equals one instrument, but the more hands touch the form, the fuller the melody grows. Only with the help of others, the whole song can be heard. 

The form begins the brings strangers together in collaboration and cooperation to achieve a common goal - the experience of sound.

With the melody building and getting stronger, so does the light shining from within, creating an impression of the form 'waking up to life'.

This project was created as a part of my 3rd year of Architecture Studies at the Silesian Institute of Technology in Poland

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